That's me - on an old alleyway in Gamla Stan, Stockholm
That's me - on an old alleyway in Gamla Stan, Stockholm

Our Approach

This is my story

Unlike most people who venture into travel, I don't have a glamourous backstory. No, I didn't leave my boring job to travel the world although I would have loved to. Yes, I am still figuring out to find love in work - its as rocky as your average Indian road.

As an army child, travel has been an integral part of my life - places, people and cultures played a part in moulding me. I never grew up in one place but I belong to so many.

But if you had to identify me, I am half Marathi and half pahadi. Which means that I love the plains as much as I love the mountains.

By 22, I had already travelled the world multiple times. But it was mostly after my first self-funded solo(ish) trip to Greece, Hungary and Italy that I truly fell in love with travel writing. 

And so I started a my blog, a blank space for my musings, photos and travel stories.

Eventually, I did leave my fulltime job in the media (it just wasn't me) and delved headfirst into the field of freelancing.

It hasn't been glamorous and it hasn't been everything that I dreamed of but I did manage to travel most months, get a B2 level DELE certification in Spanish (something that I couldn't learn during my fulltime job), earn a fair bit of $$ and have an article published in a leading travel magazine!


Our Story

But the journey is long and there are so many places I need to be. As Mr. Robert Frost has famously written:

"The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep."