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The Best Hummus in Amsterdam

What’s better on a rainy day than a warm bowl of tangy hummus accompanied with some real crisp pieces of pita and a secret sauce so delicious it’ll leave you wanting more? I am guessing nothing much. Luckily for me, on my last trip to the Netherlands, I found the best hummus in Amsterdam.

On a cold rainy day in Amsterdam, after a morning at the Albert Cuyp Market, shopping and munching on some delicious fries with cheese sauce, the stomach was ready for more. Hungry and desperate, the two of us dragged our feet through Amsterdam’s glitzy De Pijp district, known for its top-notch restaurants and brewries. And Sir Hummus did not disappoint.


It was like Aladdin entering the cave of wonders.

Salivating, we quickly ordered the big bowl of hummus, topped with slow-cooked beef and pita.

Take my word for it. Sir Hummus makes some of the most delicious hummus in the world – and its great because that’s the only thing on the menu, so its a safe bet. After having tasted hummus in Israel, I can easily say so. And this is exactly what they claim: they serve it like in the streets of Jerusalem: “Warm, Fresh and fluffy Hummus, nothing like the commercial spread you can get at the supermarket.”

The chickpeas are fresh and the hummus is painstakingly made with loving care everyday in a 24-hour long process. They use slow-cooking methods to cook their toppings too so you can be sure that whatever you eat there is authentic and preservative free! And don’t forget the secret sauce: beware, its spicy and heartbreakingly addictive! Best part is you can either custom-make your hummus bowl or choose from some of their favourites.  

Sir Hummus was started back in 2014 on a bike – yes, it was actually once a delivery-only hummus bar. Fast-forward a few years – it has found its home in a cute little corner on Van der Helstplein, boasting five-star reviews all over the interweb for selling the best hummus in Amsterdam. 

As I finished my hummus and sipped the last dregs of my orange and ginger infusion tea, I was almost ready for round two. Alas! The eyes are always bigger than the stomach.

Sir Hummus

Ever since I have come back to Denmark, I make do with the commercial hummus and stale grocer-store pita bread; all the while my heart is aching to be seated at the bench near the window in Sir Hummus.


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